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Considerations When Choosing Commercial Electrical Contractors

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While it may seem like a similar process, vetting and ultimately hiring a commercial electrician is vastly different than choosing the right residential electrician. Commercial electrical contractors require unique certifications, training and work hand-in-hand with business owners and utilities partners to complete electrical work for businesses of all sizes, whether for new builds, structural remodels, lighting renovations and so much more.

Ensuring the safety of your business starts with electrical work done right. Here are some high-level considerations to consider when choosing the right commercial electrician for your project.

Choose A Contractor Who Specializes In Commercial Projects

A commercial space demands a footprint that is more complex and often larger than the scale of single-family residential structures. A dynamic commercial facility could have hundreds of lighting elements, not to mention the wiring infrastructure to support it. There’s so much more to a commercial space that working with the appropriate electrical contractor is mandatory.

It’s also important to hire an electrical contractor who has a niche in the commercial space. Meaning, we recommend choosing a contractor who is solely driven by commercial work and doesn’t split their time or expertise between commercial and residential. This will ensure you’re working with an expert who you can rely on to do the job right.

Read Reviews and Research a Company’s Reputation

Reviews matter. When you can hear about the experience from other customers who have worked with a specific company, you can get to know a lot about multiple touchpoints of the business. What are the company’s values? Do they meet their timelines? How much experience do they have in your area? What certifications do they have or not have?

These kinds of questions can often be answered by reading reviews and doing research on a company’s website. Oftentimes, you can narrow down your search by doing this and you can get a feel for who would be a good fit for your business.

Prioritize An In-Person Estimate and Walk-Through Meeting

When available, always meet face-to-face to discuss the scope of your project. Your potential commercial electrical contractor will not only better absorb the essential details of what you’re looking for, but you can also begin to develop a stronger connection. Essentially, you’ll best be able to determine if you would work well together. After all, you may be in communication for several weeks to months depending on the size of the project, so you want someone who you can effectively work with.

Conducting an in-person meeting will also allow your potential contractor to provide new ideas to support your project. Team Hawk has worked on some amazing facilities over the years, which has allowed us to harness our ingenuity and collect a rolodex of creative ideas for a variety of business types. Seeing a project firsthand allows us to talk through ideas, energy efficiency, how your business runs, etc.

Find A Company That Invests In Its Employees

When hiring a company for such a critical job, you want a team that cares just as much as you do about the success of your business. Contractors who go the extra mile typically partner with companies that also put in extra time and investment into its own employees, the ongoing advancement of their teams, and their office culture.

Contractors who are continually learning and growing in their profession are knowledgeable about the intricate details of electrical work and any changes that occur in the industry. Team Hawk is proud to be 100% employee-owned and emphasizes continued training and development — our contractors are always learning about the latest technological, safety and industry trends.

Get Your Questions Answered Before You Hire

Before any new contracts are signed, always be sure you have the answers you need to all your foundational questions before proceeding to any next steps with a new contractor. You might also consider talking to other business owners or colleagues in your industry who have worked with a commercial electrical contractor to gauge some of the best questions to ask, including:

  • What is their experience with large-scale commercial projects?
  • Do they offer guarantees and/or warranties?
  • How are final costs traditionally estimated?
  • What is the timeframe for the project?
  • Do they have applicable licensing, insurance and credentials?

Call Hawkeye Electric For Your Commercial Electrical Needs

If you’re looking for a commercial electrical company with the experience and dependability necessary to do the job your next project demands, it is essential to work with a team of commercial electricians like Hawkeye Electric who will ensure expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Whether you are looking for routine maintenance and assessments, seeking improvements in energy efficiency, or are considering upgrades to your existing electrical system and want to know all of the options available to you, give us a call here at Hawkeye Electric or contact us online today—we would love to be the team to get the job done.