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Are you ready to be an integral part of a 100% employee-owned company that offers ongoing career advancement opportunities for all team members, on-the-job training, team-building, great benefits and more? You’re in the right place!

We are now hiring for all field positions and are seeking qualified foreman, journeyman and apprentice candidates. Please submit an official application below for the opportunity to join Team Hawk and begin your career—or the next chapter of your career—with us.

We are currently seeking Electricians and in particular, Service Electricians, Journeymen, and Apprentices! Ground up construction projects in the commercial, industrial, hospitality, and education sectors in and around Maricopa County. We are a 100% Employee-Owned business. From day 1 on the job, you will start accruing company stock that has been doubling in value every year since we committed to the Employee Stock Ownership Program back in 2019.


  • Work with a crew of other foremen, leadmen, journeymen, and apprentices to execute projects.
  • Underground, roughing in conduit & boxes, pulling wire, installing gear & fixtures.
  • Install various types of raceway and cable tray systems
  • Adhere to all quality and safety codes


  • Previous experience in electrical or other related fields is preferred but not 100% required
  • Familiarity with electrical plans is helpful
  • Familiarity with electrical equipment and hand tools
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Dependable and hard working

    Please rank yourself in the following catagories (Be Honest). #1 being least experienced, #5 being most experienced 12345 12345 12345 12345 12345 12345 12345


    Gabe Diaz
    Project Manager

    Since starting in the field as a Apprentice with Hawkeye back in 2001, I have moved up the ranks to Journeyman, then Foreman, and now up into the role of Estimator & Project Manager. Along the way, I have taken advantage of a number of courses and supplemental training opportunities offered by Hawkeye. Examples include 2005 NEC code update training, a Soares Grounding & Bonding NEC-2008, introduction to basic Motor Controls & Ladder Logic class, and general OJT experience provided by the Company’s experienced Foremen, Superintendent, and Project Managers. This training has been instrumental in helping me continue to grow with the company and expand my knowledge of the electrical trade.

    Darryl Marinakis
    Project Foreman

    “I joined Team Hawk in January of 2006 as a foreman with over 20 years of electrical experience. Since that time, Hawkeye has encouraged me to continue my electrical education and training, sponsoring my attendance in numerous classes and workshops including 2008 and 2011 code refresher courses, OSHA 10-HR safety class, various equipment certifications, and most recently, a sponsored Ideal Meter class. These opportunities have reinforced my electrical knowledge and helped me stay up-to-date on emerging means and methods to pass along to our up-and-coming apprentices and journeymen in the in-house training program I oversee for Hawkeye. In our weekly classes, I teach topics including tool safety, recognition, and use; basic electrical such as installing electrical boxes, conduit bending, installation of can lighting, troffers, and LED lighting. We also teach how to read and understand construction documents, wire colors, and wire installation; trying to instill that we are not just installers of electrical items, but rather we are skilled craftsmen and women. Springboarding off my experience as an in-house instructor for Hawkeye’s Apprenticeship Training Program, I have gained the confidence to go out into the community and teach our next generation of electricians at Metro Tech High School. I believe it’s important to remain committed to continued education no matter how young or old, green or wise, one might be. We never stop learning and I couldn’t be happier to work with a company like Hawkeye that provides its employees with the tools and opportunity to do so.”

    John Callow
    Project Foreman

    I started with Hawkeye Electric in August of 2002. During my career, Hawkeye has afforded me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and abilities by providing ongoing training, classes and seminars that keep me current in the latest technology and installation methods in our industry. I have benefited from both company sponsored courses and certifications, as well as tuition reimbursement for continued education on my own. The safety of all employees at Hawkeye is the highest priority and it is a job we all take very seriously. I have taken both the OSHA 10 and 30 hour classes and am certified in CPR and First Aid. These courses have helped me to ensure the safety of our crews and to teach them to identify potential hazards in the workplace. In the unlikely event of an incident, I have the knowledge and confidence to render aid when needed. The use of equipment is an everyday task in our line of work and training by a manufacturer authorized representative is provided for all employees prior to use. Hawkeye has provided me with current certification to operate many types of equipment common to the construction industry.

    Hawkeye also provides courses that are necessary for the completion of job specific tasks. I had a project that required numerous medium voltage splices so several crew members were trained by the cable manufacturer in the proper method of splicing their cable. Another example of job specific training that was needed for a project was for setting large concrete vaults. The company sent several members of the crew to become certified riggers. This was very important to the safety of the crew. Many of our projects today include solar installation. I have received training from several of the equipment manufacturers on the installation of their products.

    I cannot possibly list all of the training that I have received in my years at Hawkeye, but this should give insight on how important it is to the management to maintain a safe and qualified workforce that all of our employees can be proud of. I am proud to be a member of “Team Hawk”.

    Mike Roth
    Service Department Manager

    Continuing education is the key to success for anyone in the electrical trade. Since taking a 2 year electrical diploma course in 2002, I have taken numerous other classes to expand my electrical knowledge and stay up to date on new technologies. Since joining Hawkeye Electric in 2010, I have been able to continue pursuing my education with classes sponsored by Hawkeye. Some examples of these classes are, Industrial electrical wiring 2011, Introduction to Motor Controls 2012, and most recently NFPA 70E Electrical Safety: Arc Flash training. This classroom education throughout my career has given me the knowledge to pass the State of Wisconsin Master Electricians Exam and is one of the primary reasons I was promoted from service technician to foreman, and now to service manager. Hawkeye Electric encourages and sponsors this type of education for all its employees and also provides in house training with weekly classes led by one of our top foremen. This focus on education and the success of its employees is one of the key factors that makes Hawkeye Electric such a great company. We are committed to giving our customer the best service possible!